what is marketing?
Marketing Hub  -   19 Jul, 2020   -   0

What is marketing? Here are the basic concepts

Understanding the fundamentals of marketing can have a deterministic effect on the outcome of marketing strategies, tactics, and plans. Marketing isn't about buzzwords; it is instead abo...
Marketing Hub  -   31 Mar, 2020   -   0

Affiliate Marketing Basics: Finding Top Paying Affiliate Programs in 2020

Affiliate marketing can be one of the most lucrative monetization methods for content creators and the like. However, finding top paying affiliate programs shouldn't be a passive approac...
demand generation
Marketing Hub  -   17 Feb, 2020   -   0

What is Demand Generation? 5 Essential Components of a Successful Deman...

Demand generation is all about creating demand or interest for a product or service in the mind of the target audience. Let's look at 5 essential parts of a successful demand generation s...
Graphic Design Hub  -   16 Feb, 2020   -   0

How to Setup a 2-page Spread in InDesign

4 Easy steps to make a 2-page staggard spread in InDesign to appear side-by-side - hence making items lineup easier and faster.
Business Hub  -   28 Nov, 2019   -   0

4 Simple Ways to Refocus, Avoid Distraction, And Achieve Goals

Simple ways to regularly refocus, achieve goals, and avoid distractions. Goal setting is an essential exercise in accomplishing what matters, but there is more to staying focused than we...
Marketing Hub  -   20 Oct, 2019   -   0

Monthly Five – Marketing Books Every Real, Open-Minded Marketer Sh...

Read this month's marketing book recommendations focused on marketing influence and marketing fundamentals.
Marketing Hub  -   01 Oct, 2019   -   0

6 Basic SEO Techniques I Pay Particular Attention To – Especially #3

No SEO usually means no traffic. It is that important. SEO can be difficult but there are some very basic techniques that can be a good start.
effective presentation techniques
Marketing Hub  -   20 Sep, 2019   -   0

Effective Presentation Techniques: Presenting Ideas With Influence

Presenting without effective presentation techniques is pointless. If I, as a presenter, am not able to convince the audience to do anything, then what is the point of presenting in the f...
Business Hub  -   01 Aug, 2019   -   0

5 Simple ways of optimizing handing out business cards and making a bett...

Successfully handing out business cards can increase clients and leave lasting impressions. Doing it wrong or carelessly can also have a negative effect.
Blogging Hub  -   05 Jul, 2019   -   0

5 Reasons Behind Low Website Traffic And What Can Be Done About It

Trying to figure out why a website is not getting any traffic is not easy task. But there are a few basic and simple ideas that one can follow in order to figure out if there are any obv...
Graphic Design Hub  -   29 Jun, 2019   -   0

7 Factors I Consider When Choosing the Right ISO For My Digital Photos

Setting the correct ISO on a camera can make a big difference in a photo. Digital cameras are getting smarter and smarter but a good photograph still may require a bit of camera work.



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