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Graphic design or visual communication is continuing to make waves. Creating effective graphic design, web design, photography, typography, or illustration are personal, subjective, and situational. Get inspired!

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16 Feb, 2020   -   0

How to Setup a 2-page Spread in InDesign

4 Easy steps to make a 2-page staggard spread in InDesign to appear side-by-side - hence making items lineup easier and faster.
29 Jun, 2019   -   0

7 Factors I Consider When Choosing the Right ISO For My Digital Photos

Setting the correct ISO on a camera can make a big difference in a photo. Digital cameras are getting smarter and smarter but a good photograph still may require a bit of camera work.
29 Jun, 2019   -   0

Photography and Graphic Design And Why I Learned Both

At first glance, photography and graphic design seem to be unrelated but there are many similarities that make the two arts congruent and therefore, worth exploring - together.
27 Jun, 2019   -   0

5 Color Scheme Websites you shouldn’t design without – ever!

Colors can make or break a design. Paying attention to colors and color schemes may be a great first step in designing a new website or project.

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