5 Great Website Design & Development Blogs Worth Visting Everyday

By Navid  |   02 Jul, 2018  |   0  |  Published in Graphic Design, Inspiration,

As a designer/developer, I try to stay on top of what’s trending (and what’s not) pretty much every day.  Now with this new blog, my hope is that I can share some of the gained wisdom with my readers, too.  So, today, I thought a great way to get this started is to create a list of just 5 website design & development blogs that deliver excellent content.  Chances are that you already visit these sites on a daily basis but for any newcomers that might be around, here is the list anyway:

A List Apart – This is a great publication.  A List Apart is written by some of the greats in the industry and they never disappoint.  Time to dive in!

Smashing Magazine – Can you say Smashing Awesomeness?!  Another absolutely great design and coding related website. Smashing Magazine really has design blogging down to a science as they continue to dazzle their readers with great inspirational and educational pieces.

Web Designer Depot – This is a great all-around design and development related site with wonderful hints and tutorials.  Fresh content and really useful stuff!  Well worth the time to visit them on a daily basis.

The #1 Writing Tool

HowDesign – Catered towards web designers and enthusiasts alike, this website has some great advice to give to all of us as well.

VandelayDesign – On top of being a design services provider, this site also runs a wonderful blog that focuses on graphic design and trends.

Do you visit a popular design site that’s not listed here? Share your comments with everyone.



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