Photography and Graphic Design And Why I Learned Both

At first glance, photography and graphic design seem to be unrelated but there are many similarities that make the two arts congruent and therefore, worth exploring – together.

By Navid  |   29 Jun, 2018  |   0  |  Published in Graphic Design, Inspiration,

Photography and Graphic Design: they might seem like an odd couple at first but there is definitely a relationship there worth noting. Firstly, they both require a certain “eye”.  Be it a website project or a logo, we all need a certain degree of creativity in order to visualize the right layout, colors, ratios, and subjects.  Secondly, both arts produce good end results only and only if the overall composition of the work is pleasing to the eye.  So, it isn’t just about individual elements.  Each individual element of the final work must be well-throughout but they must also come together well, too.

Both arts produce good end results only and only if the overall composition of the work is pleasing to the eye.

Let’s start with photography.  Believe it or not (ahem… sarcasm), there is a lot more than just pointing and shooting that goes into a pleasing photograph. It not only demands a certain degree of artistic expression, but it also requires planning and adherence to the rules of composition. In my opinion, the camera or the equipment itself seldom determines the quality of a photograph. How is that possible you ask?  Think about: if a super-expensive and super functional latest-greatest camera was necessary to take an amazing photograph then photographs from 10-15 years ago (and before) would all be worthless.  Of course, it is the photographer’s vision and artistic ability that determine whether a photoshoot would be a successful one. Sounds familiar?

Of course, the same rules apply to web and graphic design.  To design a functional and pleasing (and fresh) layout, one needs to adhere to the basic rules of design but also inject a bit of creativity and pizzazz.  Great designs can come from any laptop, any software that gets the job done.  So, again, equipment is not key.

Going forward, I will be covering photography related topics in a way that corresponds to graphic design.  I will examine similarities, differences, and congruencies in practical manners.   I think with the right amount of intermingling of the two arts, designers can start appreciating the art of photography and be able to incorporate the logic behind photography into their designs. Hopefully, this will lead to a more expressive design motto that dares to defy the ordinary.


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